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PDF (Portable Document Format) is the file format underlying Adobe's Acrobat family of software. Version 1.1 of PDF is now finalised and is used in Acrobat Version 2.0 & 2.1 products. Read Noddy's Guide for an introduction to Acrobat and PDF, and some other references.

Noddy's Guide to Acrobat and PDF
CAJUN project information
Acrobat section of Adobe's WWW server
The PDFzone (Must be good - they point to me!)
Loads of stuff at Douglas Stewart Co.
Newsgroup comp.text.pdf
PDF Games
A collection of games, each in the form of a PDF file. Includes the famous Mazeworld!

PDF Doodles
A growing collection of unusual PDF files, mostly small.

Embedded PDF
This is an example of a PDF file embedded in an HTML page, just like a GIF or JPEG file can be. You need Acrobat 3.0 working inside Netscape Navigator or Micro$oft Internet Explorer for this to work.

text2pdf version 1.1
This is a program which converts text files to PDF. I've compiled it already for some platforms, and the source is also available.

Juggler Report (185K)
Technical Report NOTTCS-TR-95-1, `Block-Based Formatting with Encapsulated PDF' (with links courtesy of CAJUN)


This report discusses the definition of Encapsulated PDF (EPDF) and an EPDF block formatter called Juggler. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the file format underlying Adobe Systems' Acrobat(TM) suite of products, and allows documents consisting of `printed' pages to be distributed and viewed electronically. An EPDF file stores blocks such as headings and paragraphs as distinct objects in such a way that they can be extracted and used in other documents. Juggler is an application which performs this task, using a Document Description File (DDF) to determine the layout of the new document. Of particular interest is Juggler's method of visual splitting of blocks across columns and pages.

After describing EPDF and Juggler in their current states, the report moves on to discuss further extensions which could be made, including document structure representation and inter-block linking. Brief mention is made of relationships between EPDF and the standards SGML and ODA.

EP94 paper (137K)
A paper I gave at the EP94 conference in Darmstadt, Germany. It discusses the use of Acrobat and PDF in the CAJUN project, including automation of hyperlinks from LaTeX, and was published in Electronic Publishing - Origination, Dissemination and Design 6(4).

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