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This is a collection of PDF games. Each game was generated by Distilling hand-written PostScript. Mazeworld was the first and is still probably the best example of the genre.

The ZIPped files on this page are compatible with PKZIP. Trying to download half a megabyte from our server may seem a bit daunting, but so far the majority of attempts have been successful. So persevere -- it'll be worth it!


The original and best PDF game has it's own web page. File sizes range from less than 100K to nearly 400K.


Pronounced Zocks, this is a two-player version of Noughts and Crosses ("Tic-Tac-Toe") in the form of a PDF file. The `document' contains 5479 pages and 17126 links, and is 5507960 bytes long. From here you can download a ZIPped version of just 519426 bytes.

Download the ZIPped PDF file


Another pen-and-paper classic. The PDF files for Hangman can get very large indeed. Each file contains just one game, so it's unlikely to be a challenge for very long. However, I'll try to generate new games every now and again. I could also do requests! Just mail me, and if the word isn't obscene, I'll post the game here.

Because the files are so large, I have had to ZIP them. The numbers given are the ZIPped and UNZIPped sizes respectively. (537486, 6484833) Adobe's home (534862, 6472053) A favourite dish

Quiz Board

A new game written by Gary Cosimini of Adobe Systems, New York (not during company time, I'm sure). This is the first game to make use of Acrobat 3.0's forms and looks really nice. Unlike most of my games, it' not megabytes long, either, so get your brain in gear and play the game now!

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