Convert Flash into SVG

Steve Probets

This web-form allows you to enter a Flash SWF movie to be converted into a SVG movie. The result of performing this action will be a link (which will remain valid for 1 day) which will point you to a Zip file consisting of an SVG file and an associated HTML file. If the SWF movie contained any J-PEG images these will also be included in the Zip file. After following the link and unzipping the returned Zip file, you should load the html file (file.html) into your SVG enabled browser.

Please note that, unless you specify otherwise, only the first 100 frames of your flash movie will be converted by this script. The converter is only in an early phase of testing and has only been tested with Flash 3 files. Also note that sprites are not currently supported.

Other known bugs are where colour transforms have been applied to flash shapes, these will not be applied. This may lead to some shapes appearing the wrong colour or in some cases disappearing. Movies that contain shape tweening may also not translate faithfully using the converter

The first release of the converter was updated on February 16 to produce SVG that works with the PR4 release of the SVG viewer - previous version worked with build 38 of the plug-in.

Release 1

The first release of Flash to SVG is no longer available. Please use Release 2 or 3.

Release 2

A revised version of the converter can now be accessed below. Some of the bugs reported from version 1 have been fixed.

SWF file:

No. of frames to convert

Please note: You will need a PR4 (build 56) release of Adobe's SVG plug-in to view the SVG. This is no longer available (see below).

Release 3

A revised version of the converter that creates SVG for the Beta release (build 70) of Adobe's SVG plug-in can be accessed below. SVG files created with this version of the converter do not display correctly with Netscape. If possible, please use IE.

SWF file:

No. of frames to convert

Please note: Build 70 of Adobe's SVG plug-in can be obtained here.


The software is still under development, so I would like to hear of any problems or inaccuracies with the converter. If your SWF file exhibits a problem, and is not sensitive material, I would appreciate it if you could send the SWF file as an attachment along with your email. If you can send the file to me, then be assured that I will only use your file for testing purposes and will not use or publish your SWF file for any other purpose.

Last Updated: 5 April 2000 (Steve Probets)