Name:Steve Probets

I am currently working within the Electronic Publishing Research Group at The University of Nottingham. This work is performed through my own consultancy, Electronic Publishing Solutions (EPS). EPS have just finished working on two University-based contracts and have several commercial contracts with publishers and information suppliers. My current work is for Adobe Systems developing and investigating the potential of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the new web graphics proposal.

My CV is available in PDF and Word format. Please contact me if you have any vacancies that may be of interest.

SVGSVG is the new 2D scalable graphics solution for vector graphics on the web. We are looking at implementation strategies, browser plug-ins and SVG creation and validation tools for this new format.
CAJUNThe CDROM Acrobat Journals Using Networks (CAJUN) project. Further information on the project can be obtained in the Electronic Publishing - Origination, Dissemination and Design (EPodd) paper Journal Publishing with Acrobat written in conjunction with the rest of the CAJUN team. This paper is in Acrobat's PDF format. It can be obtained in PostScript form if required. The CAJUN project has involved developing automatic hyperstructure in journal papers written in LATEX and troff. Production of a CDROM containing the entire archive of EPodd in Acrobat's PDF format and investigations into the best methods to disseminate journal articles over the Internet.
OJFThe Open Journal Framework project. Both this and the CAJUN project involve creation of innovative Web services and dissemination of scholarly journals using Adobe Acrobat. The OJF project has involved developing a variety of Acrobat Plug-ins (pieces of code that add to the existing functionality of Acrobat). These plug-ins are available as part of a publisher's toolkit. The publisher's toolkit adds new features to Acrobat PDF documents such as dynamic inclusion of links from a link database. This functionality will soon be available over the web. As part of the OJF project we are investigating Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers (SICI no.s). If you wish to try out an experimental service to generate a SICI number from journal article information click here.
EPS See these pages for more information on the type of work undertaken by EPS.
MeFurther information about myself can be seen in my Curriculum Vitae (pdf format). This is available in Word format also.

Other interests include (in no particular order) golf, squash, marine tropical fish, tennis, photography, ten-pin bowling, snooker and motorbikes (I've just bought a Suzuki GSX600). If anyone wants to talk about any of these things please mail me

Skiing I've also got a page listing my favourite ski resorts. It contains a very subjective view of various French, Austrian & Italian resorts.