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Windows 95 Desktop operation of text2pdf

text2pdf is really a command-line program and you can only get the most out of it (all those lovely command-line options!) by using it in a Windows 95 DOS Box. However, you can create a shortcut which will run the program on any file you drag onto it.

Assuming you've downloaded the Windows 95 binary and saved it in a directory called C:\mypath, create a DOS batch file called text2pdf.bat containing the following:

@echo off
c:\mypath\text2pdf.exe %1 > %1.pdf

Finally, create a desktop shortcut to this batch file. From then on, you can create a PDF file by dragging any file onto the shortcut from Windows Explorer. The new PDF file will appear in the same directory.

Thanks to Howard Kaikow for instructions to me on how to do this!

This version can be used as described above, but allows several files to be dragged and dropped at once. There is a limit, though -- a DOS command line can only be so long, and the batch file gets passed the complete pathnames of all the files you drag and drop.

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