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Download the PDF Perl Library

The distribution is currently in three parts. The demonstration script used on this site is also included as an additional example.

The library
Un-tar this file in your own directory or one of the standard places such as /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl. Note that Perl version 5.002 or above is required to use the library. Before downloading the library, you will be asked to accept the licence agreement.
The examples
This is another TAR file containing all the example perl programs. Note that if you haven't installed the Pdf library in a standard place, set the environment variable $PDF_LIB to the directory containing the Pdf directory. There's a script to run all the examples as well.
The manual
This is the manual, containing an overview of the library and detailed descriptions of the examples.
The web demo Perl script
This is the demo taking form input to generate a customised PDF file.