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Welcome to Mazeworld

Mazeworld is an amazing maze game system for Acrobat. Each Mazeworld game is a PDF file, and can be played using Acrobat Reader (free version available) or Exchange version 2.0 and above. If you have the Weblink plugin (standard with Acrobat 2.1) you can also follow some links back into web space. Do let me know what you think.

I've written a brief discussion of how Mazeworld works, for anyone who's interested.

There have been successful downloads since 2nd October 1995. More detailed statistics are available.

Download Mazeworld Now!

Mazeworld 1 (the original testbed, 94K)
Mazeworld 2 (bigger, better, 150K)
Mazeworld 3 (I get lost in this one! 366K)
Mazeworld 4 (374K)

More Amazing Stuff

AMazeGame is a 2D animated maze game written in Java. You'll need a Java-enabled browser to play.

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