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Installation Instructions

To install COG Manipulator, please download the correct version for your platform and extract the plug-in from the archive. Copy the plug-in file into Acrobat's plug-in folder and restart the Acrobat application. On the Macintosh, this folder is found within the Acrobat application bundle and can be accessed by control-clicking the application and selecting 'Show Package Contents'.


Once installed, COG Manipulator adds two new menu items to Acrobat. Under the Tools Menu, you should find a Reveal COGs menu item which enables you to see the location of COGs on a page as you mouse over them. Clicking and dragging on a highlighted COG will enable you to move it around the page or into other documents. Under the File Menu, you should find the option to create a new COG Scrapbook, this opens a blank COG document into which you can drag COGs from other documents.