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What are Component Object Graphics?

The COG, or Component Object Graphic, technology is an extension to the PDF specification that describes the page in terms of graphical objects laid out on the page rather than as one monolithic stream of graphical operators that draw the page when executed.

COG technology was initially developed as part of Steven Bagley's PhD research, where proof of concept demonstrations of the technology were created. We are now able to develop this research further into products that are usable by all. This development is currently split into two related parts, one is an undergraduate team project that is investigating how COG technology can be utilised in a museum environment and Steven Bagley is continuing to develop the COG tools into usable products rather than proof-of-concept demonstrations.

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If you would like to find out more about COG technology, you may be interested in the following papers published at the ACM Document Engineering Symposium in 2003–2005.

Creating Reusable Well-Structured PDF as a Sequence of Component Object Graphic (COG) Elements

Page Composition Using PPML as a Link-editing script