BMVC 2014 Poster Printing

The University of Nottingham is offering to print posters for BMVC to be available for collection at the venue. If you would like your poster to be printed for you, rather than having to transport it to the conference yourself then please read on…

Posters should be submitted before Tuesday August 26th as PDF files. This document contains details about how to ensure your that your poster gets printed smoothly. In the first instance, you should email me, Steve Bagley (srb at cs dot nott dot ac dot uk), with your poster title, the list of authors, and the submission ID and we will then arrange how to supply the files.


The costs for the poster is outlined in the table below. Payment is to be made on collection at the conference, in cash only — we can accept sterling only.

Poster SizeSterling Cost

Poster Status

ABRocco De RosaOnline Action Recognition via Nonparametric Incremental LearningPrinted
CDYilin WangImage Co-segmentation via Multi-task LearningPrinted
EFAysun Kocak, Kemal Cizmeciler, Aykut Erdem and Erkut ErdemTop down saliency estimation via superpixel-based discriminative dictionariesPrinted
GHRahul Sawhney, Henrik I. Christensen, Gary R. BradskiAnisotropic Agglomerative Adaptive Mean-ShiftPrinted
IJXutao Lv, Tony X. Han, Zicheng Liu and Zhihai HeRandomized Support Vector ForestPrinted
9Damien Teney, Matthew BrownSegmentation of Dynamic Scenes with Distributions of Spatiotemporally Oriented EnergiesPrinted
144Prof. Graham D. Finlayson, Roshanak Zakizadeh Reproduction Angular Error: An Improved Performance Metric for Illuminant EstimationPrinted
183Jian Wei, Benjamin Resch, and Hendrik P. A. LenschMulti-View Depth Map Estimation With Cross-View ConsistencyPrinted
329Mehrsan Javan Roshtkhari and Martin LevineMultiple Object Tracking Using Local Motion PatternsPrinted
364Alessandro Perina, Matteo Zanotto, Baochang Zhang, Vittorio MurinoLocation recognition on lifelog images via a discriminative combination of generative modelsPrinted
399Alex MansfieldFrankenhorse: Automatic Completion of Articulating Objects from Image-based ReconstructionPrinted
421Hakan Boyraz, Syed Zain Masood, Baoyuan Liu, Marshall Tappen, Hassan ForooshAction Recognition by Weakly-Supervised Discriminative Region LocalizationPrinted
426Qingsong Zhu, Jiaming Mai, Ling ShaoSingle Image Dehazing Using Color Attenuation PriorPrinted
436Georgios Papamakarios, Yannis Panagakis, Stefanos ZafeiriouGeneralised Scalable Robust Principal Component AnalysisPrinted
442Lajanugen LogeswaranSolving Jigsaw Puzzles using Paths and CyclesPrinted
448Wenhao Lu, Xiaochen Lian, Alan YuilleParsing Semantic Parts of Cars Using Graphical Models and Segment Appearance ConsistencyPrinted
450Andrew Melim and Frank DellaertAn Image Based Approach to Recovering the Gravitational Field of AsteroidsPrinted
484Guoyu Lu, Yan Yan, Nicu Sebe, Chandra KambhamettuKnowing Where I Am: Exploiting Multi-Task Learning for Multi-view Indoor Image-based LocalizationPrinted
517Yiliang Xu, Dezhen Song, Anthony HoogsAn Efficient Online Hierarchical Supervoxel Segmentation Algorithm for Time-critical Applications.Printed