The G52OBJ coursework is now available here. It accounts for 25% of the total mark for the G52OBJ course, and is due in on Friday 14th May at 4pm. In the past students, who have done badly on this module have invariably failed to hand anything in for the coursework.

The support files required for this coursework are here. They can be decompressed on the school's UNIX machines by typing:

gunzip cswk.tar.gz
tar xvf cswk.tar.gz

Note: cswk.tar.gz was updated on 12/4/2010 to fix some minor bugs.

Practice Exam

A copy of the practice exam we looked at in Lecture 18 is available here with accompanying answers (for Q2-Q4 only), here.

Due to a tumult of requests (i.e. one :) ), I've uploaded another sample exam with answers.


Labs have now started, initially there are three exercises for you to try. These are especially useful for those who haven't done C++ before -- Exercise 2 in particular is designed as a conversion course -- since the first question on the coursework will require you to edit some C++ code.

Labs are Thursday 14:00 and Friday 12:00.

Exercise 1 Support Files
Exercise 2 Support Files
Exercise 3 Support Files

Lecture Notes

In the interests of preserving the planet, there are two versions of the lecture notes. The first are 'as is' and as such are not suitable for printing (indeed, I've secured the PDFs to stop them being printed!), the second are print-friendly versions designed for printing.

25/01/2010 Lecture 1 - Object-Oriented Programmin (Printable Version)
28/01/2010 Lecture 2 - Just how does OO work, anyway? (Printable Version)
01/02/2010 Lecture 3 - OO: Under the hood and The Object Lifetime (Printable Version)
04/02/2010 Lecture 4 - Reference Counting (Printable Version)
08/02/2010 Lecture 5 - Garbage Collection (Printable Version)
11/02/2010 Lecture 6 - Implementing Classes and Interfaces (Printable Version)
15/02/2010 Lecture 7 - OO-Design (Printable Version) VoiceMail Analysis
18/02/2010 Lecture 8 - No Notes, group walk through of Train analysis
22/02/2010 Lecture 9 - Design Patterns (Printable Version)
25/02/2010 Lecture 10 - Design Patterns (Printable Version)
01/03/2010 Lecture 11 - Decorator Pattern (Printable Version)
04/03/2010 Lecture 12 - Observer Pattern (Printable Version)
08/03/2010 Lectures 13 and 14 - Factories and Singletons (Printable Version)
15/03/2010 Lectures 15 - Composite and Builder (Printable Version)
18/03/2010 Lectures 16 - Templates and Generics (Printable Version)
22/03/2010 Lectures 17 - Fitting it alogether... (Printable Version)
25/03/2010 Lectures 18 - The (Incredibly Hard) Exam

Still to come...

C++ Notes Part 1 Part 2 (ignore the bits about the Ceilidh system)